About me

Life is sometimes difficult and we may need a helping hand from others to see the beauty or the meaning of life....

My curious mind guides me towards learning how to connect with people and being interested in new psychological and spiritual techniques that may be of help to me and others. 

I am here to help with the following- everything is detailed on my therapies page

1:1 Therapy sessions
...for any mental health issue you may have including depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol related issues, trauma, ect 

Psychological reports
...if you just want to understand what mental health issues you are experiencing currently 

Couple's therapy 
...if you feel that you need to understand each other better as a couple 

...if you want to delve into the subconscious mind

...for doctoral and non doctoral students and graduates 

Expert Witness reports
...for those who need a report in court 

Mindfulness and relaxation 
...if you want to learn to live more in the present moment  


...if you want to work with your energy to achieve healing  

Registered with HCPC, BPS, AXQ, AVIVA, Vitality Health, Aetna Global Benefits, EMDR association