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About me

Life is sometimes difficult and we may need a helping hand from others to see the beauty or the meaning of life....

My curious mind guides me towards learning how to connect with people and in the process I am learning new psychological and spiritual techniques that may be of help to me and others.


I began practicing a spiritual way of being in 2008 and my knowledge and experiences have deepened with every passing day. I am aware that not everyone has an interest in spirituality however there are significant aspects of psychology which are also valid and important in spirituality. For example, the ego and the personality are the domain of psychology as well as spirituality.


If spirituality is not for you, we can work solely on these aspects of your mind (ego and personality) from a psychological perspective only to ultimately heal what feels unresolved from any part of your past, even yesterday.... Our Egos keep the human body safe and sometimes being in the survival mode for long periods of time can lead to anxiety, depression and many other psychological issues which can all be worked on using psychological techniques.

My Clients Say

I worked with you towards the end of last year for a number of sessions - CBT and EDMR and I just wanted to offer you some feedback about my experience. 


I can’t really explain the enormity of change that followed our work. A lot of work towards the end centred on my fear of using the under ground which was having a really negative impact on my life in London trying to navigate through London. I no longer have any issues or panic on the tube which is really amazing. My mood and outlook on life has exponentially improved and following our work it felt like a layer of grief and stress had just been peeled away from me. I still use your techniques daily. 


And so this is email of thanks and gratitude I wanted to share with you. 


I was recommended to you by a friend, and I have now recommended you on to my friends. (HB)

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