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Psycho-spiritual group sessions 

These group sessions will initially be delivered online on Zoom but there is the potential for them becoming face to face at some point in the future. 

These are weekly sessions and they will be ongoing. It will be up the everyone to decide when they feel that they have taken what they want from these groups and wish to progress tow
ards doing work on their own or with other kind of support.


The intention for these groups is for us to meet, learn from each other and share our knowledge and experience with one another. 

Please find below some information you might find useful. 

Proposed Aims for these group meetings:

·         Understand ourselves better- who or what are we?

·         Understand the purpose of our own lives.

·         Work towards being the extension of love.

·         Come to terms with our past using psychological and spiritual techniques.

·         Understand our current functioning using psychological techniques.

·         Explore the meaning of a good life and living it.

Techniques I will share with you during the group sessions

·         CBT- cognitive behavioural therapy

·         EFT- emotional freedom techniques

·         Elements of transactional therapy

·         Meditation

·         Deep relaxation

·         Past life regressions

·         Sound /frequency

·         Mindfulness

·         Energy healing

·         Positive psychology

·         knowledge of spirituality coming from my own disoveries achieved though meditation , reading and listening to other people's lives stories as well as some training in reiki and other spiritual techniques.


·         Meeting weekly for as long as it takes; my intention is to start one group at the time and for that group to progress into what feels right for all of us

What do you need for these sessions

·         a diary

·         pen and pencils- preferably have some that are colourful

·         a4 paper 

·         a handful of stones- they can be small crystals of various colours or normal stones are just fine 

·         small and inexpensive items will be suggested for the future- most of them can be freely acquired from nature

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